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Discovery Costa Rica



"...Marcela was outstanding as well.  Everyone kept saying how great she was!  On our trip to Guachepelin she organized it so well and helped us fit in as much as possible. And Guachepelin was outstanding!"

Adnan & Cheryl


"Costa Rica is all about adventure. It is overwhelming how much there is to do down there. We packed in so much because Discovery Costa Rica went above and beyond. We changed our itinerary many times even while in Costa Rica and DCR accommodated every request."

Dan Sac


"It was the best! They really knew the great hotels and activities for all the members of my family. My wife and I even had our downtime while the kids enjoyed their activities, a nice balance of family time and couple time! Overall a very well thought out detailed itinerary that fit out family perfectly!"

Austin Bryant


"Discovery Costa Rica is really focused on creating quality family time. We were able to reconnect as a family that is sometimes a challenge when we are back home because of work, school and other activities. We were able to come together as a family, have a ton of fun and make some everlasting memories."

Victoria Mantle


"This was our dreamed honeymoon, like taken out of a movie. Rooms with the privacy we needed romantic natural views and tours created memories for the rest of our lives. Discovery Costa Rica, helped us arrange a private dinner on our last night at the beach that was the highlight of our honeymoon, we were able to hear the waves and look at the stars from our dining table."

Breana Carroway


"All the little unexpected things you and your team did really surprised us and made our trip that much better.  So thank you for all of your hard work!!! I thought it was great how you had chauffeurs to meet us at the airport and on the big bus, and on the tours. I felt like everything was completely in control while Marcela was there. I think that was a big component of your success on the travel side of things. For this and MANY MANY more reasons, I am super thankful that I chose to work with your company"

Livia Pope


"I co-ordinated a full-day's adventure with Marcela for my friend's bachelor party, while I was traveling in different countries.  When we arrived, everything was arranged perfectly and exceeded all of our expectations!  We had an amazing time and many of us went back again within the same week!  This is the best adventure tour I have ever experienced, everyone must try it!"

Tom Jong 


"This was not the ‘typical spa vacation’. Costa Rica has so many natural resources and we were able to enjoy nature’s spa. We went off the beaten path and were able to experience the most incredible waterfalls and hot springs with mud soaks … it was only possible with the knowledge of Greiving at Discovery Costa Rica."

Dave & Beth


"Discovery Costa Rica arranged comfortable and convenient transportation and world class tours and accommodations for our trip to Costa Rica.  The people made the experience from the day we arrived when Marcela met us at our hotel with complimentary water and snacks for our travels, through our drivers who brought us from San Jose to our beach resort.  The highlight though was our white water rafting trip on the Naranjo River.  Not only was this a fun and exciting adventure down a very fast river, but Randall from Discovery Costa Rica accompanied us in our raft to make sure we had a great experience."

Jim Schaeffer 


"We had a terrific time, these guys at Discovery Costa Rica really know what they’re doing – our kids are still talking about it! We had a nice balance of educational tours and activities. Their guides are great with the kids, keeping them entertained and learning at the same time."

Cornelia Nall


"We had an amazing time in Costa Rica and I can’t wait to return again!! Wanted to let you know that the ranch where we did the horseback riding treated us very well.  The guide we had was so sweet and friendly and the path along the river bed was really nice. I even thought it was cool that we ate lunch at a real Costa Rican locals home.  The rafting tour also worked out for us and it was a lot of fun.  I felt in good hands during every tour.  The people of Costa Rica are so nice"

Michelle Stella 


"We contacted several agencies for our honeymoon but we got the fastest response from Discovery Costa Rica. We discussed our expectations and soon they sent an Itinerary proposal, after that everything was stress-free and everything went smooth during our trip. We got impeccable hotels and the best activities, drivers were always on time and we never had to worry about anything as we always felt good taken care of."

Mei Summers 


"The best activities and great guides, very knowledgeable and conscious about what to do and not to do while on our hikes and animal spotting. This was no frills vacation, only thrills!! Discovery Costa Rica has the depth of knowledge to manage every expectation. "

Cristobal Loman 


"Even if we were all traveling together Discovery Costa Rica assisted us individually and we were able to do our individual as well as our shared activities."

Dillon Fandel 


"Me and my friends are quite active and we knew we had a lot of activities to choose from for this trip but Discovery Costa Rica made it easy for us to decide. We were able to enjoy every moment of our 8 days there. Our trip was well organized and put together so besides doing all of the activities we still had time to chill."

Marc Ralston 


"As an overall note, we were really happy with our honeymoon. Honestly, it was wonderful and one of the best weeks of our lives. You did a great job organizing things for us and we really liked the suggestions you made. Our favorite place was probably Corcovado. It was just so wonderful to be there in the middle of the rain forest with all the nature around us. The gorgeous evening sunsets combined with the best mango margaritas in the world were the perfect way to end the day after all the hiking and adventure. One night it was just the two of us and the hotel staff and we were lucky enough to have the beach for ourselves every time we went. What a wonderful place, we would go back in a heartbeat. 

Next came Arenal. We enjoyed the tours to the volcano and waterfall that you recommended. The Tabacon Spa was awesome. We loved the hot water river and we are so glad we did this at night. It was just magical to go there and walk through the gardens with all the torches lit up and steaming pools. It was unlike anything we had ever experienced before. The hotel was beautiful and the service there was very good, but it wasn't really our style. It had more of a "made for U.S. tourists" feel vs. the Costa Rican feel that we enjoyed in the other places we stayed. Nonetheless, everyone there was really nice and we have no complaints. This was likely in part due from the contrast of the jungle paradise in Corcovado where we had just stayed.  

We loved the Peace Lodge. What a wonderful place! We are SO glad we went there. I enjoyed catching my own trout for lunch, and the birds, animals, flowers, etc. were magnificent. We loved all the hummingbirds and we even had the chance to feed them, which was very cool. We got some amazing pictures from that day. The staff at the hotel was nice and upgraded us to a deluxe room for free. We had excellent massages here as well.  We had a frog tour planned, which unfortunately was canceled because of a tremor and didn’t have enough time to hike out to the waterfall, so we would definitely like to go back to this place. The trip to Poas on the way to San Jose was well worth it. We were glad we went there early in the morning as the weather was nice and visibility was good. 

We were sad to arrive in San Jose because it meant that our wonderful time in CR was almost over. We did enjoy going to the mercado central and the artisanal market further down the road. We bought a lot of really nice gifts there.

From our perspective, the honeymoon was pretty much perfect and we were really glad we went to the various locations you chose for us (thank you!). If we were to do it again, perhaps the only change we would make would be to spend only one night in Arenal (maybe at a more rustic/local type hotel) and give ourselves one extra day at the Peace Lodge to explore everything there." 

Luis and Amanda


"We needed an urgent, stress free vacation. Looking for all-inclusive options we found Discovery Costa Rica and they hooked us up. We spent 5 days at this amazing beachfront resort and included a couple of tours that match our time there perfectly. We did not have to worry about a thing. We will definitely use you guys for our next trip to Costa Rica."

Cedric Jones


"Just came back from a week in Costa Rica, feeling completely rejuvenate. This trip was everything I expected and more. The hotel, Jean at Discovery Costa Rica recommended had all the amenities at a very high standard. The spa was fantastic, the quality of the services were outstanding. I just relaxed and let myself be pampered."

Melissa Kellerman


"I had never been so close to nature, every minute of this trip I felt connected. I explained what I was looking for and my travel agent, Jean, got it to perfection."

Isaac Sanedden


"Glad to hear from you. We really enjoyed our vacation in your country. Everything was so clean and all of the people were nice and friendly ( so much different from the United States). Our vacation was perfect except for being sore from riding horses. We look forward to coming back to visit. Our favorite part of the trip was Arenal. We also enjoyed Jorge very much. I would recommend to everyone who comes to contact you and to get Jorge for a guide. We look forward to returning to Costa Rica In the near future. We want to thank both of you for making our vacation fantastic. We will keep in touch, and if you every come to the United States you are welcome to stay with us."

Jeff and Julie Tout


"Jean knows how to work miracles. He was able to get our family the perfect all-inclusive vacation during the peak season we wanted at the best rate and location. We decided to take our family of 6 to Costa Rica, sort of last minute decision late in the year for a January vacation."

Mr. & Mrs. Briggs


"Unforgettable trip. We planned our trip months before and every time we contacted Discovery Costa Rica with something new they assisted us immediately and made every wish we had happen."

Benton Califano


"Hi Guys! Or should I say Buenas Tardes (It's afternoon here at the moment and I'm not sure of my spelling)

Archie and I had a wonderful time...It was a truly spectacular vacation and I'm so glad that we found you as your services made it so much more enjoyable and allowed us to see so much more in just the week we spent there (we should have spent much longer). The accommodations were fantastic....particularly Hotel de Oro and The Magellan Inn. They were all beautiful places .... so beautiful in fact that we took pictures of the hotels and grounds of all three!

Archie and I enjoyed meeting both of you very much and we will definitely stay in touch. We absolutely love your country and have discussed moving there. Needless to say, we will absolutely recommend your services with all due enthusiasm. I will send you pictures as soon as we have them in digital format. I can hardly wait to see them!  Many thanks to both of you for making our trip so enjoyable!"

Rebecca Hayden


"This not fair Sylvia. I leave and come back to Jamaica and all the time I intend to email you guys to say thanks and the trip worked out very well. you beat me to the reply. Small places like Playa Hermosa and Monte Verde were pleasant surprises. No Senorita we have nada complaints. And I really wish to have a great friendship with you" 

Tony & Helen Chen


"Being a big group we all wanted to do different things and had a lot of change in plans, we were worried that things were going to get messy but the staff at Discovery Costa Rica was able to arrange everything to go smooth and without any inconveniences." 

Inger Bulmer


"I had been wanting to experience a yoga retreat for sometime. I did my homework and narrowed it down to Costa Rica. Discovery Costa Rica was able to find several options for me to choose from in my limited timeframe. I’m hooked, this yoga retreat is going to be an annual event for me." 

Matt Little


"We just wanted to thank you for a lovely trip in Costa Rica and for your kindness, our trip to Costa Rica was perfect thanks to your excellent organization. Hey Sylvia , we had a good time, we saw many places, thank you for a good vacation plan and kidness, we will be back in Costa Rica sooner than you think and will definately use your services again,"



"We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Costa Rica, totally went as planned and we had the best time together in years. Thank you Discovery Costa Rica for creating a fabulous vacation where we fell in love allover again. We needed this seamless experience so we could just think about us and not logistics."

Cathleen Mann


"My girlfriend and I got engaged in Costa Rica. I wanted a unique moment to pop the question … Discovery Costa Rica made it happen – and they kept all the details a secret – she had no idea, it was so great!"

Landon Soto


"Discovery Costa Rica.. The service we had was way beyond our expectations. You do a remarkable job. We are recomending you to every one who is going to Costa Rica. We can'not begin to say what we think of Gary! What a Blast!..."

Lloyd Judy


"I am sorry it has take me so long to get back to you.  Getting back to work and our routine has take some time.  We had a great time in Costa Rica, and hope to come back next year.  We would like to go to the Osa Peninsula next time, and do more fishing in Golfito.  We are happy to give you feedback.  First, let me say that Jorge was wonderful!  It really was great to have someone make sure we got where we were supposed to go, and to show us things that we would probably have missed on our own.

Golfito had little to offer outside of the fishing, but that is why we chose to go there.  Banana Bay was fine, food was reasonably priced and very good.  Because it is run by Americans, communicating what we needed was very easy.  Since they cater to fishing, they really didn't give us much information about the area.  I do think there are other things to see in that area that we just didn't know about.  Las Gaviotas was fine for the restaurant, but the room was really not clean.  I understand that the hotel has been sold, so it is possible that the new owner will make some changes to the rooms.  I would check that out before recommending the hotel to anyone.

We found the Costa Rica people to be just wonderful.  Thank you so much for your help, and we love the picture that you gave us.  I have a picture of Jorge that I will email you.  I don't have it with me at work today."

Kelly Cummins


"We heard Costa Rica was great for adventures and we decided to go there for our last vacation. The most important thing for us was to do a lot of activities while experiencing the different areas and Discovery Costa Rica delivered. We went white water rafting, sea kayaking, zip lining, but our favorite thing was the waterfall rappel. This really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I do not regret it, the folks at the travel agency provided all the details and I was well prepared. It’s exhilarating to flow down the falls with just the ropes. This trip really gave us something to talk about once we got back home."

Bob and Kathy


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