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Discovery Costa Rica


Our Team

Greivin Alvarez - Trip Designer

Born in a small town in San Carlos, Costa Rica, close to the Arenal Volcano, this is why I have visited it a countless amount of times and I do not get bored, it actually still impresses me every time I go and is one of my favorite places to visit here.

I have studied and work in the US, China and Panama besides Costa Rica, having done this has turn me into the person I am today, my vision of life has come from those experiences. Traveling however has not changed my mind on saying Costa Rica is one of the greatest places on earth and I think it is one of the coolest spots for vacation in the world. That is why I love what I do and enjoy sharing the experience I have in discovering this amazing place.

Some of the best things are all the outdoor activities we have to offer including adventure, adrenaline, relaxation and contact with nature. This is what I like doing in my spare time.


Vanessa Gotthainer - Trip Designer


Jean Jimenez - Trip Designer

20 Years of tourism experience in Costa Rica, I have performed in positions from operations to trip designer at travel agencies, from food and beverage to sales at different hotels.

Going off the beaten path is my advice for those looking to visit Costa Rica. This will help you bring home unforgettable experiences. Being able to offer my expertise to help arrange great trips motivates me and is something I love doing.

Relaxing by the beach or in the mountains is what I enjoy the most about living in Costa Rica, not forgetting enjoying the great and varied food we have.

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