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Discovery Costa Rica


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Travelers around the world are looking for a new way to travel. This is not about jumping on a plane and landing on a nice resort, with a nice room and a nice pool. This is not about taking a few predesigned and homogenized tours to see only what they want you to see, show you only what the package says… 

Traveling is neither about searching for good deals, online offers or promotions. You don’t decide a travel destination because they offer you a coupon… you choose your next destination because you feel that country can provide you with an enriching, amazing and memorable experience. Every new country you visit is like a box full of surprises, colors, tastes, smells… it is up to you to fully discover it all, or to just pass by without seeing the essential.

Discovery Costa Rica Travel Agency is an experienced local travel agency for Costa Rica vacations. For more than 19 years we have provided high standard ground services for individual tourists and groups, by designing creative products, itineraries and trips for all tastes. Costa Rica is an amazing destination, but tourists can have a wide range of different motivations, preferences and budgets. In Discovery Costa Rica we are fully aware of that, so we have put together an efficient and committed team of professional trip advisors, ready to help you find the perfect travel program that fits all your expectations.

The best Costa Rica attractions and getaways, great deals, best things to do, exciting activities vacation packages and hotels in Costa Rica… we know it all !   And we put all that knowledge at your service. Put your vacations in our hands, we know how important and valuable they are. In Discovery Costa Rica we don’t sell just trips… we create life experiences!!

Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: having a customized quote is not more expensive that buying an already-made package. Besides the evident advantage of getting exactly what you want (and not what others decided for you), a tailor made trip will not cost you more… if you book it with DISCOVERY COSTA RICA!  Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: your trip will cost less than if you booked everything by yourself online, including any special offer that you could find. 

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