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Discovery Costa Rica


Nicoya Penninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula is separated from the mainland of Costa Rica by the Gulf of Nicoya and the Tempisque estuary. Tourism and expat living is concentrated along the coast while the interior is very sparsely populated. Cattle raising farms are much of the landscape with backdrops of the steep-sided and heavily forested inner mountain range. One of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica, Isolated beaches, surfing, local towns, where the time stop long time ago happy children swimming in the rivers, playing football in dusted fields , blend with cozy boutique hotel for your enjoyment.

Nosara, Samara and Carrillo

No Shoes No Shirt Nosara’ is how some describes this beach very well-known for surf and yoga, because this is a serene, unspoiled corner of Costa Rica.

This area has enjoyed both the protection of the national park system, as well as the decades-old efforts of the local citizens association that keep the beaches pristine and ensure hundreds of acres of protected forest interspersed with small-scale development.

That is why Nosara is also known as the land where the turtles meet the monkeys, because it is a very famous beach for turtle nesting and the forest are in the back is full of monkeys all year.

On the other hand we have Samara Beach, well recognized as Costa Rica's hidden tropical paradise on the Pacific ocean. It is the perfect, long, white sand beach with shallow, gentle waters. Thiss paradise has a superb coral reef and its own deserted wooded island in the bay - Isla Chora.

Samara is not only a charming beach, with a wide choice of friendly and attractive hotels, Bed & Breakfast, homes for rent, restaurants, bars and discos, but, unlike other Pacific Ocean spots, it is also a thriving fishing and farming town.

Three kilometers south of Sámara, you will find Carrillo Beach. Similar to Sámara, but on a much smaller scale. Here, visitors can enjoy a relaxation atmosphere because distractions are few and noise is minimal. This beach, which has stunning views and sunsets, is easily one of the best in Costa Rica. Instead of the development seen lining many of Costa Rica's most popular beaches, you'll see nothing but palm trees on Carrillo's empty shore.

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