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Discovery Costa Rica



The southern Pacific is characterized by its warm tropical year round climate and hefty average yearly rainfall. These conditions combine to produce some of the country’s most lush and dense tracts of tropical forest.

The main atraction of this area is, by far, the Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula. This is a nature lover’s paradise where visitors can enjoy the countless eco-lodges amid ‘one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet. This area has many secluded beaches that provide a home to water sports among which snorkeling, sports fishing, surfing or diving off the coast to explore its extraordinary underwater marine world, it is a memorable experience.

The south pacific of Costa Rica is beautiful and still unspoiled nature. Wildlife is in abundance!

Getting to Corcovado is an adventure by itself. The most common hub for the Corcovado exploration is Brake Bay, a very isolated town, where most of the eco-lodges are located. To get there you can chose from the easy way, by plane (local flights from San Jose every day), or the adventurous way, on a boat from Sierpe, exploring the mangroves of the Terraba estuary, and then sailing along the coast. The river-sea option is by far the most popular. Staying in Drake Bay is an unforgettable experience. Eco-lodges are rustic but very confortable and exotic. There's no electricity but most of them have power plants to ensure basic services. From there, you can easily access the National Park trough the San Pedrillo entrance, and explore the Caño Island, a great snorkelling spot.

Another way can be by reaching Puerto Jimenez, a nice little town with all the basic services, stores, banks, restaurants, etc... To get there you can also pic one of the daily flights from San Jose or by the road. This option allows you to explore the region from the east side, with acces to the National Park trough the La Sirena station. You can also enjoy other attractions and activities of the gulf, like kayak tours, fishing and some very nice beaches.

No matter which way you use, keep in mind that this region is a true nature lovers destination: lots of humidity and heat, this is the rain forest ! No air conditioning... Also, lots of hiking in the jungle. You can expect daily trips of 3 up to 6 hours walking. Being in a good physical condition is important. The wildlife is all over and you will be able to see plenty of it, from the terrace of your room. A visit to south pacific area of Corcovado is a real nature immersion!

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